September 04, 2017


It’s September already!  Summer flew by!  You may have spent your summer with family and friends, traveled to intriguing venues, participated in hobbies, sold your home or caught up with personal appointments. Ready or not, Season 2017-18 is fast approaching and we are ready for your arrival!

Behind the scenes, we have been very busy too. Residents enjoyed more planned activities including: concerts, karaoke, potlucks, holiday cookouts, a drive-in movie and even a Winetasting with a Mystery Play.

Woodshop members are making improvements to the Clubhouse interior. Cabinets for video and audio equipment/supplies were installed. A storage area to provide much-needed space for chairs, tables, kitchen supplies & equipment is in progress. The biggest change is the extension of the kitchen providing serving areas to meet the growing needs of the Resort!  Curious about how it all looks?  Well, you have to wait, and as Alan would say, “you will be pleasantly surprised!” Completion is scheduled just in time for our season to begin.

Season 2017-18 begins October 1!  Activity planning and scheduling kept us busy this summer allowing us to start the season earlier. Your favorite entertainers and activities are coming back, plus many new activities and fun twists are added for your enjoyment. Day trips are scheduled beginning in December through March – but more on that later. 

Every effort has been made to address your wishes and suggestions. Monthly calendars are already packed with activities. Williston Crossings is a “destination to remember” offering something for everyone to enjoy. When this season ends, we will have experienced “a season to remember.” 

exclamation.jpgTIP:  This newsletter is packed with information on opportunities to participate in upcoming activities. Suggestions are given about items you may want to bring from home.  Items needing your attention have the red exclamation symbol. Please read carefully so you will come prepared and won’t be disappointed.