Williston Crossings Newsletter

Issue: November 2015 NEWSLETTER
November 01, 2015



One thing consistent in Williston Crossings is change as we strive to improve facilities and service.   The latest change is no different.  Everyone who has stayed or visited Williston Crossings is familiar with “the office” - the building near the South Gate which houses the Office and Game Room.   It has been the place to go for a multitude of things from reservations, books, mail, tickets, activities, activity information to name just a few.   Over the next few weeks, that building will evolve into a true office building and the game room will go away as all activity-related functions will be moved to the Activity Center or other buildings. 


The first evidence of change came with the sale of tickets in the Activity Center for the first event of the season – the Halloween Dinner Dance.  Throughout the season, tickets will no longer be sold in the office but sold ONLY in the Activity Center during posted hours.   By November 1, the Activity Bulletin Board and Table originally located near the Post Office in the Game Room were moved to the Activity Center.  This is where signup sheets, activity notices and information are posted. 

Activities previously held in the Game Room, such as Men’s Coffee, Wood Carving Group, Knitting, Euchre, Mexican Train, etc. have been moved to the Activity Center or other locations beginning November 1.  Check the November Calendar (now available in the Activity Center) for times and locations.  We are testing new times and locations and will make adjustments as needed, so please check often for changes.

A big improvement is coming to the Activity Center!  The library is also moving to the Activity Center!  The Wood Shop has begun constructing many bookcases up to 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide to be installed around the perimeter of the Activity Center.  The sheer size of the bookcases and number of books will definitely help with sound absorption.   Last spring, members of the Sewing Group made fabric swags to hang in the chandelier recess to help eliminate noise.  Also the Sewing Group is continuing its “State Quilt Block” project.  The quilt blocks will be used to cover sound absorption panels to be hung above the bookcases.  Together these projects should make a noticeable improvement.

The Office building will be used for mail and office operations providing more efficient service to our guests.  The Activity Center will become what its name implies – the center of activities!  Go to the Activity Center to sign up for Friday Night Pizza, golf groups, buy tickets, get calendars, activity information and announcements, etc.  In the meantime, “please excuse our dust” and thank you for your patience as we work to better serve the residents of Williston Crossings!

November 01, 2015


AND WE’RE OFF…and running!  Since late spring, Williston Crossings has been gearing up for a fun-filled 2015-16 season packed with activities for residents.  Just as residents are beginning to return, more activities are starting.  


The Grist Mill Café is open for business.  Lunch is served Monday through Saturday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.  The Halloween Dinner Dance officially kicked off the season and featured two favorites, Roxane & Herb’s famous stuffed pork chops and music by Fred Campbell.   halloween_ghost.jpg

November marks the return of many favorite activities.  The Woodcarving Group and Bingo begin Monday, November 2.   Pot Luck is scheduled every other week starting Tuesday, November 3.  Since food is a popular activity in Williston Crossings, residents will be pleased to know Friday Night Pizza will begin November 6. 

Anyone interested in RC Sailing (remote control) may join John McClun in the Quarry on November 3.  As more residents return, the Sewing Group, Knitting Group and Crafters will also begin to meet regularly.  Watch cable Channel 10 – the Resort’s Information Channel - for days, time and location.  The November calendar is available in the Activity Center.  The calendar is printed only once a month.  Channel 10 and the bulletin boards on the Office porch, at the Activity Center, Clubhouse and Laundromats are updated daily.  

Line Dancing classes have begun and meet twice a week.  On Friday, November 13, our line dancers will have another opportunity to use their skills as Donny Winfrey returns for our Karaoke night.   

A new event is the Fall Craft Fair to be held in the Pavilion on Saturday, November 14 from Noon to 2:00 pm.  In fact, why not make a day of activities in the Resort!  Start out with Breakfast at the Clubhouse (the first breakfast of the season) with Eggs, Waffles ‘n Bacon, Juice and Coffee.  Then participate in the Fall Craft Fair!  We have many talented crafters in the Resort and we welcome their participation.  If you are not a crafter, come see what they have to offer for your holiday shopping.  Later that evening, the musical group, Times to Remember, will entertain you at a Dinner Dance in the Clubhouse.   Top off the day at the Gazebo Fire Pit where you will enjoy the crackling fire and just might be treated to the musical talents of some of our residents.     

Ice Cream!  Did someone say Ice Cream?  Why yes! Our popular Ice Cream Social returns Sunday, November 22 in the Clubhouse.  Who doesn’t enjoy a quiet Sunday afternoon with generous scoops of their favorite ice cream. 

Thanksgiving is a huge celebration in Williston Crossings with our annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner in the Clubhouse.  The entrees and sides will be provided and residents are asked to bring a dessert to share.   We appreciate our residents and all they do to make Williston Crossings what it is…a destination to remember! 

These are just a few of our November activities.  New events are added almost daily.  While in the Resort, don't forget to watch Channel 10 and check out our bulletin boards throughout the resort.  

Yes we are off and running and this is only the beginning ...it will only get better with more activities!  Join in if you like or sit back and relax and enjoy!

November 01, 2015


  • November 2        - Bingo begins (occurs every Monday)
  • November 3        - Texas Hold ’Em (Tues, Wed, Fri & Sun)
  • November 6        - Pizza returns (occurs every 2 weeks)
  • November 10      - Flu Shot Clinic
  • November 10      - Wing Night
  • November 11      - Veterans Day Ceremony
  • November 13      - Karaoke with Donny Winfrey
  • November 14      - Saturday Breakfast begins
  • November 14      - Fall Craft Fair
  • November 14      - Dinner Dance with Times to Remember
  • November 18      - Stampin' Up Open House
  • November 26      - Thanksgiving Day Dinner
  • November 28      - Harvest Dinner & Dance with Rebound 
  • December 12      - Snowball Dinner & Dance with Chris Dimond
  • December 20      - Holiday Golf Cart Parade
  • December 24      - Holiday Social
  • December 25      - Christmas Day Dinner
  • December 31      - New Years Eve Dance 

NOTE:  All events are subject to additions/changes.   

November 01, 2015



We want to thank all of the summer volunteers and staff who worked long hours in the heat and often pouring rain to maintain and improve Williston Crossings.   Thanks to you, the resort is beautiful and a destination to remember!   


Williston Crossings RV Resort is pleased to welcome Bauman’s Bow Wow Boutique opening November 2.

Darla Bauman, an experienced, full-service, professional, licensed dog groomer, has moved her business from Wisconsin to Williston.  She limits the number of appointments per day to spend as much time as possible with your dog for a total professional groom using professional equipment.  Darla works with you so you get just what you want.  You are even invited to stay for part or all of the grooming.  Dogs are treated with great care and walked as often as needed for potty breaks.  She has hundreds of pictures and just as many very satisfied referrals.  Bauman’s Bow Wow Boutique is located in Williston RV Resort behind the Activity Center (next to the pickle ball court).  

Appointments only!  Call 352-514-9130 for prices and/or appointment.  Cash or check accepted.


November 01, 2015


As you prepare to travel to Williston Crossings for the season:

  • Notify the office if you plan to arrive on a date other than your reservation arrival date.  If you arrive early and we don’t know, your site may not be available.  If you are arriving on a later date, we also need to know to make proper arrangements.  All first payments are due on your reservation’s arrival date.  If you are arriving later, please call us to arrange payment.  
  • Prepare for Climate Change.  Before you leave home, check your RV furnace to assure proper function.   If you don’t, service may be delayed as RV technicians are inundated with calls during the first cold snap.   

Be Safe & See you Soon!