A dog kind of park.

I’ve enjoyed to visit with all the dogs that happily accompany their owners on walks these chilly days. The cold makes everyone want to move and walk faster. I’ve seen these creatures walk curious around the beautiful roads of the parks just to perk a proud stand when another dog comes around. I wonder what they tell each other. I love to see the little ones stand the part right across a big ole dog… what are they thinking?

As much as I love bulldogs, and I had few in my house full of kids sometime. I notice rules to almost every park as “vicious breed”. I wouldn’t call it as much as vicious as to understand that these breeds take stand to protect their owners and their own. They’re also a very quiet, laid back, grumpy kind of breed when it comes to annoyances and noises. Well: there it is, some think of them as vicious breed, they think of others as annoying breeds. So yes and no, they don’t like stress and fast paces and they express themselves about it, with growling and barking almost saying: quiet please!! And yes, do not touch my human or my little human, don’t make me smell the uncomfortable from them, that makes me angry!

From there to say we’re vicious… well, so are many small dogs, they just don’t have the power and the muscle to be intimidating enough… I understand as an American bulldog and as an animal I rather stay away from public places and people and their dogs. We’re loving and quiet but also big and strong. And hey, too many in the family have been bothered to the edge of madness, so there it is. I really have no excuse. I am gentle and loving, but how would you know? My cousins not so much, and they look just like me!