Did you notice?

It couldn’t escape my eyes the big yellow flowers this morning. I had to stop and admire the size and the way hanging from those branches. Honest truth is that if I wasn’t determined to look, it could have been just one more tree with withering leafs. But I stopped and walked to it. It’s quite impressive I have to admit. Just few branches, but the size of those flowers! And the way they hang just right there at eye level. They’re beautiful!

But, did you see them? Have you got the time or the wander to go see? Let me give you a seed of knowledge here if you may receive. The treasures of this park are sometimes hidden to the mind too busy with the things we can, or we should, or we want to change in our live. Some of those changes… well, we are just not the ones to change them. But how about slowing down, take a walk away from your own mind and get into the mind of the world created, the one we can re-arrange but not create… and there it is! that tree and those flowers! Well yes, someone put that tree or a seed there, surprise, surprise! to see that the tree was going to grow to stay and give us this amazing gift.

I don’t know about you, but for me, this morning it was a break to all my struggles. The moment that went to see those flowers and all those thoughts had no voice in my mind to speak. Because our inner being, the innocent, natural and part of this earth created just connected in love with those flowers! Who could have said… they’re very unimpressive unless you get close. And way impressive when you finally do.

Please take a walk, right out by the fountain and admire the flowers for the price of a minute away from all your thoughts and maybe frustrations… and I hope whom I’m thinking will see will see. The big yellow flowers speaking to you!